Thanks to your wonderful support
we have given over
100,000 to charities
Give a Little Shop

An Aladdin's Cave of interesting bargains

Thanks to our amazing supporters, the Give a Little Shop is like an Aladdin's Cave of bargains. Browsing around will keep you entertained and interested for ages.

We enjoy working here and we want you to enjoy your visit. There are comfy chairs if you want to chill out for a mo and soak up the music and the vibe. Our regulars have been known to bring in cakes occasionally, which get shared out with everyone in the shop.

We sell a wide variety of interesting items and because of the nature of being a charity shop, the stock changes regularly. You are likely to find hand-bags, good quality clothing for adults and children, shoes, hats, toys, belts, bric-a-brac, books, linen, games, records, eletricals, jewellery and sometimes small pieces of furniture.

If you want to volunteer helping at the shop, please just let us know.

We have just received your magnificent cheque for nine thousand pounds (9000). It is difficult to express just how hugely helpful this donation is to a small charity like ours [Love Trust].

We work to save the lives of destitute babies and toddlers in the Indian countryside and later to get them adopted by Indian families. Our fund-raising covers the costs of the accommodation we built and the staff who care for the babies.

All our funds come from voluntary donations and times are hard. Your gift is the biggest we have ever received and will keep us going for months.