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Todos Juntos Children Foundation

Todos Juntos Children Foundation provides free dental care to children living in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is no free dental care in Argentina and almost all the children in the slums have rotten teeth by the time they are just seven years old! Todos' dental clinics enable children to gain the confidence to smile again!

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Hannan School Morocco

The Hannan School of Morocco provides education and hope to Berber people. The lack of education means they have little opportunity to learn skills that could help them find meaningful employment. Many give up hope of a better future for themselves of their families. You can give hope to a child not only for today but for their future.

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Sound Mix

Soundmix provides structured music and arts activities to young refugees and asylum seekers from all over London. These young people have often escaped extremely traumatic circumstances in their home countries. Music is a creative and therapeutic activity and develops communication and IT skills.

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Kisayke Children's Trust

Kisayke supports children affected by AIDS in Uganda. It provides treatment, play facilities, care and love to children who have lost their loved ones and who are ill themselves. Kisayke strengthens local services in areas of greatest need; to prevent transmission of HIV and to provide home-based care and child-centred services in hospitals and clinics.

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David Lintem, the Project Manager, and all at the Soundmix Board thank you very much for the generous cheque of £2,000 you have donated for our project. We know this represents very hard work on your behalf and we want you to know that we really appreciate your support for small charities like ours. Your donation will go towards the cost of our teachers and volunteers, the purchase of musical instruments and the hire of premises for the classes.


IMET 2000 Pal projects include: management of severe burns in children, a child psychiatry project to deal with the breakdown of family networks and social fabric, and a Centre for Health Sciences Education in Ramallah. Their current priority is focused on mental and physical trauma in children resulting from conflict, poverty, torture and abuse.

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Street Children of Bahia

Children of Bahia is dedicated to fighting child poverty in the state of Bahia, Brazil. We organise child-care and community projects, particularly for the homeless and impoverished children in and around Salvador, that currently help over two hundred children with shelter, food, medical care, education and the support they so desperately need.

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Love Trust

The Love Trust provides medical services to babies and unwed mothers in Buldana, India. They have rehabilitated more than one hundred and fifty children and have cared for over seventy unwed mothers. The prime objective of the Trust is the rehabilitation of abandoned and orphan children through adoption and foster-care.

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Social Evening and Hardship Fund

The Social Evening provides an opportunity for unaccompanied children to have a space to escape the trauma and loss they have experienced and have a space to feel safe. The Hardship Fund is for refugee families that are struggling to feed, clothe and provide for their children while they wait for a decision from the Home Office.

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On behalf of the Refugee Council I would like to thank you for the amazing donation of £4,500 you have made to the Childrenís Section of the Refugee Council and I would like to thank you for the incredible donation of £2,500, which you have made to the Day Centre Hardship Fund.

Friends of Hillside Garden Park

The Friends aim to protect and improve, promote and enjoy Hillside Gardens Park and Palace Road Nature Garden to benefit the environment and to provide facilities for the recreation, sport and education of the local community and the general public. The Friends intend to provide coaching free for children and young people all year round.

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Condor Trust for Education

The Condor Trust strives to improve the opportunities for children in Ecuador through education and training. They do this mainly by providing financial support to enable children to attend secondary school and by providing materials for primary schools in the rainforest and training for mothers to help them support their own childrenís education.

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I am writing on behalf of Friends of Hillside Gardens to thank you for your kind donation of £1000 on behalf of the Give a Little Shop. Your donation has supported 4 weeks of tennis coaching for juniors from the ages of 8 to 15.


Crossworld uses football as a means of empowering young people seeking sanctuary in London who are separated from their families. Equipping them with the skills, confidence and experiences they need to settle and live productive and fulfilling lives. For the players, as one put it recently, Crossworld is 'a second family'.

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International Child Campaign

International Child Campaign gives a voice to children, who are amongst those least able to advocate for their rights. Emergency response and alleviating suffering today is important, but to prevent it all happening again tomorrow and the day after, systemic changes need to be made in the way that society regards those born into poverty.

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On behalf of everyone at International Child Campaign, I would like to say a huge thank-you to you and all the team at Give A Little for your very generous donation of £7,000. This will go a long way to help us to raise awareness about the children kept in orphanages in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda, and to help them return to their families.

HEAL Kids Foundation

HEAL Kids Foundation has built 14 schools, opened libraries, established clinics, installed wells and toilets and funded numerous major surgical operations. To help disabled children we opened the Starfish Centre where the physiotherapy team are currently working on a programme of care in the community, particular for children with cerebral palsy.

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The Andrew Clark Trust

The Andrew Clark Trust sponsors poor children's education in Myanmar. It teaches English, to all the community, both children and adults, enabling them to get jobs in tourism. English is also required if they want to train in medicine or IT. The Trust also provides children with access to medical healthcare and has established a free library.

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Child Action Group

CAG supports and speaks out for Colombia's most vulnerable and neglected children and young people, aiming to provide them with a decent start in life and a brighter future. In order to do that our efforts are based on the improvement of 4 pillars: health, education, family supports and other needs that might come up.

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Snehalaya's mission is to develop awareness and capability in members of society who have been deprived of their rights because of inequality and exploitation. We work to improve the lives of victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Each child needs education and an opportunity to develop his/her individual capabilities.

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The Mzimkhulu Trust

The Lorraine Poswa Mzimkhulu Pre-School was established in 1994 by the late Lorraine Poswa and the community of Zithathele in the rural town of Libode, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The area suffers from extreme deprivation and poverty, with very high levels of unemployment. However the community were committed to ensuring that their children had access to vital early education to provide them with the opportunities to overcome those adversities.

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Other News and Activity

Give A Little was nominationed as one of the best charity shops in south London. See our Facebook page for more details.

Give A Little also supports our local mental health community and other local charities like Little Village in Wandsworth who give baby items to mothers in need.

We also provided items for people to send to the Dominican Republic after the hurricane.