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About us

What makes Give a Little different from other charity shops is that the cause it supports changes every three to four months. And you, our supporters, have a say in which charities we support.

Having many years of experience working with children’s charities, Give a Little prioritises causes that support the youngest and most vulnerable in our society. It is a registered non-profit business and raises funds through the sale of donated goods. All profits after basic costs go directly to the charities concerned.

We aim to reach the grass roots charities in the UK and abroad that are struggling for funds. We pledge to give directly only to those charities where we are confident that the money raised goes directly to the people who need it.

Many, many thanks for this generous grant of £5000 toward our training programme in Palestine 'Management of Severe Burns in Children in Palestine'. This will be a substantial contribution to the intensive two-year programme our charity IMET 2000 has started in Gaza in which 7 surgeons and 4 nurses are enrolled and started their higher training in October 2010 and takes 2 years to completion to gain an international Diploma.